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9 Underwear Subscription Box Services Everyone’s Trying In 2018

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It’s probably a good time to dip a finger in the explorative world out there, and well, talk about something more intimate; the underwear subscription box services.

No need to deny the fact that everyone has a few run-down pairs of embarrassing underwear that really need to be thrown away but unfortunately, they still end up stacked at the bottom of our drawers. Thanks to this business model, one can get new pairs delivered right to your doorstep every other month.

Got your man running on his heels when turned off by your undies? Well, this should alert you that it’s time to toss those granny panties away and prepare for the arrival of the cutest new undies.

Subscriptions boxes are one of the popular means of shopping. They provide clients with a one of a kind experience curated around products, the introduction of new products, and make checking the mail just pure fun.

On the business side, they offer a stable finance based on recurring monthly revenue that can come about from just around almost every niche.

Underwear subscription boxes are one of the most successful subscription models. Some of the most popular box categories include fashion, makeup, natural food, eco products, and kids’ DIY items and activities. There are also subscription boxes made to cater for daily needs, such as coffee, tea, razors, and socks. 

Benefits Of Using The Underwear Subscription Box Service

The model of business offers convenience to clients seeking to purchase undies. It saves a lot of their time and effort. Key merits of using underwear subscription box based services for consumers are:

  • Convenience for the consumer

When a client subscribes to the box, they get the opportunity of a constant supply of their favorite underwear products.

  • Flexibility

The consumer has the ability to maneuver, postpone and cancel the subscription membership at will.

  • Generates added value

Subscriptions provide added value to the consumers through wholesale bundling or offer where you get many pieces for the price of one.

  • Personalized

The underwear subscription box is personalized just for you. This depends solely on previous selections; your taste and preferences facilitate the merchant with much-needed information to deliver the products that suit you best.

  • Excellent gifting option

One of the advantages of using underwear subscription boxes is that they can make fantastic gifts. One can express their love and concern by ordering partner’s birthday gifts over a year

  • Discount entry points

This service offers numerous discounts. Most online merchants provide discount entry points to lure and maintain users. For example, free first-month subscription, holiday offers for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc.   

  • The element of surprise

This is given especially in circumstances where the consumers have not provided a detail description of the product in mind. They may not have not particularly stated their preferences. The merchant curates the products according to the client’s purchase history and curates a surprise box. The surprise subscription box builds a sense of mystery and charges up the customer with excitement to receive each package.

To help you understand which, underwear subscription box services will save you time, money, we’ve made a short list of the very best ones.

There are various types of underwear subscription boxes:

Bra Subscription Boxes

It’s not that easy to find the correct bra size. Most women go through their entire life has not established the right size.

Give it a try, and every month you will receive a matching sexy bra and a panty.

This Package is sure to make you go woozy over and over again.

Lingerie Subscription Boxes

This box contains small boutique designers from Europe, USA, Canada, and South America. The items encased are carefully hand-picked by knowledgeable, experienced experts in the lingerie industry. With a guarantee of high-quality products, you will fall in love with the first impression of the Lingerie subscription Box.

The Lingerie Box is basically a subscription box for every month featuring small boutique designer lingerie.  A brief survey is provided at checkout to enable one to communicate their sizes, style design, and much more. Every box is unique and chosen just to meet your needs.

An underwear lingerie subscription box is an idea for women to have fun and keep your lingerie drawer up to date. Below are subscription boxes in panties, bras, and other basics.


underwear subscription box


Me undies was founded in 2011, in the county of Los Angeles. The company’s primary objective was to transform peoples attitude on purchasing underwear me undies aimed to make this process fun and simple with unique patterns. The prices start at $14 for Women’s and $16 for Men’s, but they vary based on the style selected. Click here to check them out.


underwear subscription boxes

Not easy to turn your head once you catch a glimpse of the Adore Me free products. Adore Me is known for its matching lingerie, sleepwear, loungewear, and bra & panty sets are here to enable you to look good all through seasons. They charge $39.95 for a set.

Adore Me offers new customers 50% off in their first month and the 6th month is free. Once you register to be a member, you get a curated selection of products delivered every month. In their various press reports and releases, the company has managed to advertise itself as the home of designer lingerie at an affordable price. Click here to check them out.


lingerie subscription box

These cute undies come in a range of cuts, colors, styles, and sizes from the website’s exclusive signature and wedding collections, Panties by post also has a men’s line. Click here to check them out.

bra subscription box

Yandy is an underwear subscription that sends several pairs every month. OThey have a 1, 3, and a 6-month subscription option. Specially selected lingerie set delivered monthly, free shipping and free returns. They also have 20% off during your birthday week! Click here to check them out.

underwear subscription box

Underclub underwear service is a specially designed underwear curation service for women only. Treat oneself to a lush underwear experience. Click here to check them out.

  • Panty drop box

underwear subscription box

Every Panty Dropbox consists of 3 panty selections that suit your desires. Dare to explore new styles and brands. Once you choose your preferences, just sit back and prepare to be pleased beyond your expectations. All women need to feel comfortable to wear as they go about their daily activities. Be it Bikinis, G-strings boyshorts, and thongs, they’ve got you covered.

underwear subscription boxes

Skivvie style box provides delivery every month. Their products are designed right to the most intricate details. There’s no reason not to fall for this brand. Free shipping is provided in the USA. Click here to check them out.

  • Bandit

lingerie subscription box

Toss those old bras? You can decide that once you get to see their products. If you have a big burst, then this is just the place for you. Acquire quality designer bras for big busts and get them delivered to you at your door. Experience all this goodness for just a fraction of the total price.

  • Burgundy fox

bra subscription box

It’s time to let loose and get foxy. All women are raving about this. One can choose payment durations by deciding to make payment either monthly or quarterly. Indulge in this product and its guaranteed to experience this foxy feeling all through.


The underwear industry has also sprouted in providing top-notch design undies for its clientele. In the past years, men’s undergarments would not have made headlines as they do nowadays. However, underwear subscription box companies make both men’s and women’s undies and emphasize on comfort as it plays a significant role in underwear production.

 Every month, a curated selection of underwear from international designer brands is highlighted, and people get to choose from the collection. Along with free shipping in most companies, the underwear subscription box service is paired up with other cool, interesting offers. For sure some have said that there’s no better feeling than receiving an envelope with clean, fresh undies through the mail; and wearing comfortable underwear makes you have an excellent day.

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