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Hi! My name is Indie Nikole. Welcome to my blog. I have created this space to share my individual style and outlook on this great big beautiful world as well as link up with people who love all things beauty as much as I do. I’m kinda like a two-sided coin. Not to sound crazy..lol…but that’s the best way to describe me. 

Indie is the chill laid back sporty chick who loves a dope pair of kicks, cute Tshirt, and some jeans. Then there is Nikole who is the glamour girl who loves sparkle everything pink and a Beat Face, Hunty!! Mix them both together, and you get Muah!!

I fell in love with fashion and beauty as a little lady. I can remember watching my moms every move as she got ready to go out for ladies night. From the bathroom to her room and back I would follow right behind her, watching how she matched her bags to her high heels and picked out her accessories. 

She used to have a shortcut like Tony Braxton back in the day, and she would slay the heck outta those finger waves. She wasn’t big into makeup, that is something I fell in love with experimenting on my own, and now I teach her a few things or two!

I want my blog to be a positive place where I can share what I have learned about things related to beauty over the years. I’m not claiming to be a master of anything because I am always learning. I don’t want to be boxed into one niche, so this blog will touch on all the different aspects of beauty that I love such as makeup, fashion, diys, and reviews. Natural hair, extensions, hair care and some lifestyle, can also be expected.

If you feel Indie Nikole is someone you can vibe with then please stay tuned for more fun informative post from me. And don’t be shy I really want your feedback. Drop a comment and catch up with me on my other social media! Hope to hear from you soon!