Back to Relax/Telaxed Hair? Guilt-Free Decision 2018

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After having beautiful 4b natural hair for over 2 years I have made the decision to go back to relaxed/telaxed hair.  I wish there was a way to naturally relax hair but unfortunately, it’s not. I know putting a relaxer/texturizer on natural hair is frowned upon nowadays in the African-American hair care community but I had to do what worked best for me at this time in my life. In this post, I will be sharing my hair journey and the reasons why telaxed hair was for me.


texturizer on natural hair
Sept. 2013 The longest and healthiest my hair has ever been

 My healthy hair journey began back in 2011. I was relaxed like many women were before going natural. I was frustrated with my hair, it wasn’t flourishing like I knew it could so I hopped on youtube-iversity …LOL to educate myself on how to properly care for my relaxed hair. I binged watched UloveMegz, TheHappyHairShow, Tracy Simmions and many other extremely knowledgeable women. They all had long healthy relaxed/telaxed hair.

A light went off and I made my mind up, I wanted hair like theirs. I got some new products and built a new fresh hair care regimen. I was truly dedicated to my relaxed/telaxed hair and it showed. My hair was healthy, strong, and it was growing like a weed. The longest it had gotten before I started to go natural and stop relaxing/telaxing my 4b natural hair was a little below APL(arm-pit) length. At the time I was texlaxing my hair and didn’t even know it. I will get more into what texlaxed/telaxed hair is later on in this post.



hair journey
June 2014 Last relaxer before transition

Early 2014 I started couponing, Yes I became a CRAZY COUPON LADY!! I was hooked yall! I used to kill Rite Aid every Sunday morning but all that savings came at a heavy price. Looking back I remember my boyfriend telling me…Bae you ain’t wash your hair this week or Bae you ain’t wrap your hair up last night. He saw my hair suffering but I was too consumed with coming up on the next best deal. I was taking my hair for granted.

Needless to say after about 6 months of half-ass taking care of my hair I finally realized how much damage had been done. My texlaxed/telaxed hair had broken off severely! Around that time I had come across the 4a/4b natural hair vlogger Chime Edwards and I instantly fell in love with her hair. I had never in my life seen such a healthy, luxurious head of hair. I debated with myself for a few months about whether or not to transition. After I relaxed my hair in June 2014 I decided that I was going to explore my natural hair texture.

I transitioned from my relaxed hair to natural hair for about 2 years and I did my big chop around June 2016. I really didn’t feel liberated or anything overly emotional when I cut off the rest of my relaxed/telaxed hair. Finding out what my true hair type was is what had me hype. All my life I had been told I had the worst of the worst hair so I automatically thought I had a head full of “4c hair” but I found out I had a nice mix of 4a/ 4b natural hair as well.



 When I made my mind up to transition to natural, I only had one son now I have two handsome young men! I LOVE my 4b natural hair but right now I just don’t have the time to care for it like it needs to be cared for. The time it takes to wash, deep condition and style can be upwards of 2 days for me off and on or 1 whole day if I break down and do it all at once!

At the beginning of my natural hair journey, my goal was to achieve long healthy natural hair. As time went on I felt myself avoiding wash days because I just didn’t want to deal with. At this point, my hair has plateaued and I’m not ok with that, not to mention the only style that ever comes out looking good is a puff, which I love but my edges are suffering because of the tension.

I’m over all the fuss and I just need the ease of a smooth wash day. I want to throw my hair in a cute bun and move on with my day. My whole life seemed based off what my hair looked. I was always thinking how I’m going to get it to cooperate and look nice. I feel like I have some many other important things I needed to be giving my energy to like my family, this blog and other business endeavors. I’m just tryna be happy and LIVE MY BEST LIFE!!


4b natural hair
Texture Shot July 2018

Texlaxing is basically using a relaxer in place of a texturizer on natural hair to relax your natural hairs curl pattern. This process ultimately breaks down the hairs protein bonds. Texlaxed hair still has some texture left in it, you don’t relax the hair bone straight. When using a texturizer on natural hair, you can apply the creme directly to your hair but when you use a regular relaxer to telax/texlax the hair you have to take a few extra steps.

If you have 4b natural hair like me or really any hair that ranges from I say 3c to 4c you have to dilute the strength of the relaxer in some kind of way. Doing this will slow down the relaxing process leaving your hair with texture. You can add a carrier oil (ex. olive oil) to the relaxer creme or a conditioner. You could also add the oil or conditioner directly to your hair before you begin to relax instead of to the relaxer creme.

The last option is to purposely leave the relaxer on less than the recommended time so it will underprocess the hair. Also, do not smooth the creme through after you apply it. I chose to add conditioner to my relaxer creme to slow the process down because I texlaxed my own hair and I needed the extra time to make sure I got my whole head done. I had a head full of 4b natural hair to get through.

relax hair naturally

Being completely honest, I was nervous about applying the relaxer to my natural hair but I had to do it. I based my scalp and hairline with the protective jelly that the ORS Relaxer provided. Then parted my hair into four sections. Then I added around 1/4 cup of a rinse out conditioner to the relaxer creme. Once the relaxer creme sat for a few minutes I set my timer for 18mins and then began to texlax my hair.

Starting with the back sections I worked my way up to the front of my head, saving my nape and edges for last. I was trying to receive an even texlax round my whole head but the front of my head didn’t process as well as I wanted to so next time I will start with the front of my head first. I ran out of relaxer too, I should’ve got two.   

After I rinsed the relaxer out of my hair I washed my hair with the Creamy Aloe Neutralizing Shampoo like 5x then I applied the Aphogee 2Min Reconstrutoizer, to add back some extra protein back to my hair. Finally, I added the ORS Replenishing Conditioner to my hair then I sat under my hooded dryer for 20 mins to help the deep conditioner penetrate my hair shafts.




July 2018
Bantuknot-out on flat ironed hair.

To be completely honest, I am not elated with the results of this telax on my natural hair. The front of my 4b natural hair didn’t process as much as I would have liked it too. That left me with a lot more texture than I wanted in the front of my head. My hair is also a little bit on the drier side but I believe that is from me adding too much protein after the texlaxing process. I am going to combat that with frequent co-washes and moisturizing deep conditions, to help restore my hairs protein/moisture balance.

 Two cons are not to bad.  I am so relieved at how easy and quick my wash routine has become. Even with the extra texture that was left in my hair. My hair is also still very full and fluffy, which is what I was going for. I waited a week after my relaxer to flat iron my hair because it was really dry. I didn’t want to risk extra damage. Once I did flat iron I was happy with the results.





Overall I am satisfied with my decision to telax/relax my natural hair. Like I said before I wish there was a way to relax hair naturally. That would have definitely been the route I would have taken. I had to do something to help my hairs manageability so I had to opt for Texlaxing with a chemical. I know there is a lot of pressure on naturalista to remain that way from the natural hair community. In my case, I had to make a personal choice for myself and my sanity.

This is the beginning of a fresh hair journey. I can’t wait to grow my hair out to its fullest potential. I think Mid-back length will be my first hair goal!! I’m so excited to start my new healthy hair regimen, I might even try rice water as a hair growth aid now and give you guys the update I promised from my Ins and Outs of Rice Water for Hair Growth post. If you have been thinking about texlaxing/relaxing your natural hair please feel free to comment down below and I would love to hear what your hair goals are too!!

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    March 19, 2019 at 1:34 pm

    Thank you for sharing your experience! This has helped me to solidify my decision to texlax instead of relax my hair.

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      March 27, 2019 at 6:52 pm

      Texlaxing has definitely made my life easier. I have run into some tangling problems though. I guess it comes with the territory. Thank you for checking out my post!

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