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Should I Buy Glasses At A Eye Doctor Near Me Or Online?

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Is the eye doctor near me the best place for purchasing glasses? Or disregard the eye doctor near me and buy them online. Recent research indicates that at least three out of four people require spectacles to boost their sight. This means that around seventy-five percent of the population needs eyeglasses. Several factors have led to this scenario. They include poor vision which comes as a result of old age and increase in the amount of time spent staring at televisions or computer screens. Some people are also born with eye defects.

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It is clear that a good number of the population is out there looking for best places to purchase reliable lenses from the eye doctor store near me. Of course, you first need to visit an eye doctor to determine the type of eye defect that you have.  The best place to find such services is at a reputable eye care center.  You can then decide whether to purchase your set of lenses at the eye care center or order them online.  The following are some of the benefits and cons of buying lenses at an eye doctor near me.


Pros of Buying Lenses At An Eye Doctor Near Me


  • Professional eye check-ups

When you visit an eye care center, you are assured of undergoing a comprehensive checkup and other routine eye examinations. You can then get correct prescriptions; the lenses that you need depending on the type of eye defect you have. Even the finer details are taken into consideration making sure that your problem is fully sorted out.

  • Variety frames

At the eye doctor near me, there is a complete selection of a variety of frames. You get a chance of choosing the type of frame that completely matches your face by trying several of them. You can compare various types of frames and settle for the one you are most comfortable with.

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  • No need to adjust the lenses once bought

The lenses that you get are measured to exactly match your face. So, there is no worry or need to readjust them once bought. It is very rare to get a lens that is larger either too large or too small to fit on your face.

  1. You can seek all the clarifications from the eye doctor before purchasing any lens. All your questions and any raised concerns are directly addressed satisfactorily. You can, therefore, make better decisions especially on the right choice of frame.
  2. It is easy to visit the eye care center for checkups and other examinations whenever the need arises. Visiting your eye doctor for any inquiries and advice is convenient.


Cons of Buying Lenses From An Eye Doctor Near Me


  • Limited market to make a choice.

One of the major limitations of visiting the eye care center is that you lack a chance to compare the variety of outlets. You only have one alternative to get your lenses from. You cannot enjoy the privilege of comparing different services offered at ago. This means that you are bound to do your checkup and buy the lenses at a particular eye care center. Otherwise, you will have to incur extra costs of checkups in each eye center you visit or pay the consultation fee.

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  • You can only access locally available services.

Most of the times, you only access the locally available eye centers. The geographical distance may make it difficult for you to access other medical centers that are far away from your location. It will therefore not be convenient especially if you need to go for frequent eye examinations.

  • Visiting eye centers that far away tend to be costly.

You will have to incur travel and other expenses to access the eye care centers. This increases the overall costs of acquiring the eye lenses.

  • Online ordering of eyeglasses

If you have any history of ordering products using online channels, you exactly know what it means. This modern way of ordering goods as well as services through the internet is very convenient. It is by far much better than having to visit the local stores to make purchases of the products that you are in need of.  These are some of the benefits of the using online methods to order for your eyeglasses.

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  • Saves you time

Like mentioned earlier, you don’t have to leave your house to buy your eyeglasses. What you need is to identify the online websites that deal with lenses and make an order. First, you need to give the correct prescriptions of the defects that you have in order to get feedback on the recommended lenses. You submit your exact measurements and various types of lenses that match your face are availed. You then select the lens that you feel is more appropriate for you and then make the agreed payments. After submitting your address, you wait for your eyeglasses to be delivered right to your doorstep.

  • Tips to select the correct frames.

Making orders online means that you do not get into direct contact with your eye doctor. Most of the decisions that you make play a very important role in determining the type of eyeglasses that you will finally order. The online websites make it easier for you by offering important tips that help you to make better decisions. Once you submit your measurements, they can offer ideas on which frame to best go for to avoid making mistakes. They help you to go for the frame that you will be most comfortable with.

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  • No extra costs.

Unlike when visiting the eye doctor near me, online websites are less costly. You can get cheap glasses online without incurring any travel expenses. You only need to identify a company website and then make an order for the lenses that you need. After all the agreed payments have been made, you will only need to wait for your eyeglasses to be delivered to your doorstep.

  • There are a variety of websites to choose from.

There are many companies with online marketing websites. All these companies are struggling to get a market for their eyeglasses. Such a competition contributes greatly to stabilizing the market prices. You are therefore assured of not only variety to choose from but also cheap glasses online. You, therefore, get quality frames at best prevailing prices than if you had bought them directly from local eye centers.

  • Enjoy the return policies.

Sometimes, you may get deliveries that may not fit you well. Remember you didn’t meet the optician before making the orders. There are chances of getting frames or at times lenses that do not match your requirements. You, however, should have very little reasons to worry as the online companies offer return policies. This means that you can return the delivered eyeglasses and request for a better prescription at no extra costs.

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  • It is convenient.

If you live in remote areas where there are no eye centers, the online method will not disappoint you. Instead of making long trips to visit an optician, you could order online that just at the click of a mouse. You only need to identify the website of your choice and start the process of making an order. It is simple, very convenient and will save you from disrupting your busy schedule to visit an optical store.

With the quick advancement in technology, online ordering is becoming the theme of the day. Several websites will make the best deliveries of the eyeglasses that you are in need of.

Best Deals For Cheap Eyeglasses Online



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Firmoo.com offers a comprehensive list of available lenses and frames. What you are required to do is to give descriptions of your problem and the measure of your pupillary distance. They then prescribe the most appropriate eyeglasses for you. Get your glasses today by clicking HERE.


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Eyeconic.com offers quality online services that will satisfy your needs. You can also get cheap glasses online from this website. Get your glasses today by clicking HERE.


cheap glasses online

Eyeglasses.com has a team of experts that can utilize your descriptions and measurements to make the best lenses for you. They make you feel exactly like a person who visited an eye doctor. Eyeglasses.com pioneered the Virtual Try-On VTO system for eyewear on the internet with two patents issued in 2003. You can the VTO system on this website by looking for the VTO Icon. They offer a 30-day full return policy on eyeglass frames. You can even order 4 frames and return 3 for a full refund. Get your glasses today by clicking HERE.


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GlassesShop is a leading online retailer of glasses, prescription sunglasses, reading glasses, progressive glasses, and bifocal glasses made of different materials; offering a tremendous selection, competitive prices, and excellent customer service. They have a 100% prescription accuracy Guarantee and a 90-day money back guarantee. Get your glasses today by clicking HERE.


cheap glasses online


They offer jins screen which protects your eyes from damage caused by your phone. They also offer screens that help you see clearly during winter. Get your glasses today by clicking HERE.


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At Lens Direct, discount contact lenses are our specialty. Since 1992 we have been selling contact lenses online, making us one of the oldest online retailers of contact lenses. LensDirect.com offers FREE Standard Shipping (US addresses) on all orders above $49.00. Get your glasses today by clicking HERE.


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EyeBuyDirect prepares everything in-house. From concept, prototype, to production, they regulate and supervise the full process! They have offers of buy one get one free with free shipping. Get your glasses today and mention this $10 off reward coupon IFTW68WYA9 when your order is $50 or more.



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Luxomo provides a huge variety of brand name Sunglasses. They offer 100% new and authentic, brand-name merchandise from some of the finest manufacturers and brands of the world, all at discount prices. We offer our users a no-hassle 30-day return policy and free shipping and a one year warranty on all our sunglasses, you can be sure that converting with us is easy. Get your glasses today by clicking HERE


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Fuselenses holds to a standard of quality set by years of experience and a passion for providing top of the line lenses; we are committed to providing superior quality replacement and enhancement lenses for all major brands of sunglasses. Free shipping on all orders and 60 days return policy. Get your glasses today by clicking HERE


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SmartBuyGlasses has a massive collection of eyeglass frames and covers available protective lens coatings. They offer free shipping and 100 days returns. Get your glasses today by clicking HERE.  


cheap glasses online

Clearly.ca are persistent in their chase of the modern optical discoveries, from contact lens technologies to discoveries in eyewear design. They launched the Buy One, Give One program. This program which aims and helps at providing impoverished people with glasses once you buy your lenses. Get your glasses today by clicking HERE.

Signing Off

These websites offer reputable eyeglasses services at competitive prices with student and military discounts too. If you need cheap glasses online, visit any of these websites for real-time deals. The final decision on where to buy eyewear depends primarily on you. It is important to have much information on the method that you want to use to acquire your set of eyeglasses. Nevertheless, it is clear that although you don’t meet face to face with the optician, the online method seems a better alternative. The online approach is available to everybody. It is also reliable since it offers a chance for replacements. Long gone the days of me visiting that eye doctor near me.





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    If you get a fitting for glasses or contact lenses, the eye doctor must give you a copy of your prescription – whether you ask for it or not. It’s the law. The doctor can’t require you to pay an extra fee, buy eyeglasses or contact lenses, or sign a waiver or form.

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