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Well, some people view travel medical insurance as a “luxury” purchase or something that’s nice to have, but not necessary. This is what I thought and it’s not true at all because I regret not buying travel insurance for my trip to Orlando, FL. I’ll discuss that story later in this article.

Travel protection is sets of insurance coverages and travel support services which present full travel security for you and your family before and during your vacation trip. Unlikely circumstances or incidents can transpire and frequently occur before or during your vacay that would create a financial loss for you. That’s why you must purchase travel medical insurance to guard you against the unforeseen.


What Are Some Benefits of Buying Travel Medical Insurance?


Unlikely incidents happen all the time and this is when travel insurance comes into play. Travel insurance takes care of this for you by providing vacay cancellation and vacation interruption coverage for the pre-paid and non-refundable portion of your vacay for a covered reason. If your kids and you get sick or injured while traveling abroad, many domestic health insurance programs give limited or no coverage outside the coverage region.

Medicare insurance doesn’t cover you outside the United States. It’s not fair and really cruel I believe! Not that many domestic insurance policies cover repatriation of remains, emergency reunion or supervised emergency medical evacuation.

travel medical insurance companies

Furthermore, travel medical insurance also gives protection for loss of baggage delay, travel delay, and checked luggage. Travel medical insurance covers numerous sudden incidents. You and your kids are covered if a medical emergency, require emergency medical discharge, your travel agency or supplier (tour operator, cruise line, airline) goes out of business or bankrupt, a plane crash, travel delay, or bad weather.

Moreover, travel medical insurance further grants 24-hours emergency support in many languages and grants you access to eyeglasses replacement, legal aid, emergency money, prescription drug refills, and much more. Travel medical insurance companies are experts in international health insurance coverages so allow them to cover you.


Travel Medical Insurance Cost


The cost of travel medical insurance will likely range in price from $17-$500, depending on many variables. But you can rest assured that price will cover so many incidents that the price will be well worth it. Make sure to get quotes from numerous providers before you settle on a plan. The company TravelInsurance compares prices for you and below I go into more detail about their services.


How United and American Airlines Stolen My Money When Canceling My Tickets In 2018

I bought 4 airplane tickets through Orbitz from United and American airlines for my graduation in Orlando, FL on February 3, 2018. The total came up to $1600 dollars’ round trip. As a side note, my family and I rarely fly. So, we didn’t know the policies behind canceling our tickets.

I had to cancel our tickets because of financial reasons and I found out that I can hold off my ceremony for the following month so I did so. After canceling my tickets, I discovered that there was a cancelation fee “reissue fee per traveler” of $200 round trip totaling $1600 from both airlines. This was the total amount that I originally paid for my tickets. I was furious and the money I used to pay for my tickets was my student refund check.


I called Orbitz, United and American airlines to see what they can do for me and they told me it’s policy sorry. I called them for three days in a row and was on the phone for over 20 hours with them in total. So, basically, they have stolen my money. They didn’t show me any compassion or sympathy.

I was highly nervous about not walking the stage in Orlando, FL, and I actually cried about this situation. I took online courses and I wanted my sons to see me accomplish my final goal by walking that stage because they saw how hard I’d worked to obtain my degree. Also, I promised them that we were going to visit Universal Studios too. I didn’t give up though because luckily our income taxes came right on time to buy tickets from Spirit.com.


I know you may be thinking that it’s my fault for not reading their terms of service and you’re right. But it’s still stealing people’s money and immoral to charge ridicules prices just rebook their flight. Now I know not to travel without travel insurance just in case unlikely things like this happens again.

Anything can happen when planning a trip because life is defiantly unpredictable. I refuse to lose hundreds of dollars anymore that I worked hard for. I rather be safe than sorry when thinking about purchasing travel insurance.


List Below Are the Top Travel Medical Insurance Companies


TravelInsurance Company

Travel Insurance

This company is here to further clarify the complex world of travel insurance for customers. They strive to present commuters with the straightforward way to compare and acquire vacay insurance policies from top-ranked suppliers online. Travel insurance coverage rates are adjusted by the state You won’t discover a cheaper rate anyplace else for a coverage seen on TravelInsurance.com. Visit here for more information.


RoamRight Travel Insurance

RoamRight Travel Insurance

This company has trip insurance plans that cover trip interruption, trip cancellation and travel medical insurance for single vacations or annual plans, whether you’re traveling domestically or planning an around-the-world travel adventure. Before deciding on a travel insurance policy, you will want to collect valuable details concerning your excursion so you can correctly compare policies.

To help you determine what risks you want to insure against for your vacay, read their Top 10 Reasons to Purchase Travel Insurance. What I love about RoamRight travel insurance is that after acquiring a travel insurance policy, you are given a 14-day money-back guarantee term which enables you to learn the ins and outs of your travel insurance coverages, that consist of exclusions, claim filing procedures, coverage duration, and extent. Click here to check them out.


Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz travel insurance has two plans from single trips to annual plans (multi-trip plans). Within those two plans, Allianz has three options to choose from which are, basic, prime, and premier. The premier plan covers Emergency Medical Transportation which gives you $ 1,000,000 in coverage to Emergency Medical which covers $ 50,000 and more coverage that you can read here.

Furthermore, they even have car insurance for only $9 a day, the Rental Car Damage Coverage can present primary protection for damage to your rental car, covered collision, loss, accompanied with 24-hour emergency assistance. I like the fact that Allianz allows children 17 and under are covered free when traveling with a parent or grandparent. Click here to check them out.


Travelex Travel Insurance

Travelex Travel Insurance

Travelex travel insurance has customizable travel coverages to suit any lifestyle. Whether you are an explorer, need protection to cancel for any reason or extra medical coverage, they have an upgrade that is perfect for you. Travelex has an emergency medical evacuation, emergency medical and dental coverage, and trip cancellation, interruption and delay benefits. Just like Allianz travel insurance, Travelex makes sure that kids 17 and under covered at no extra cost. You can check out their website for further details here.


VisitorsCoverage Insurance

VisitorsCoverage Insurance

VisitorsCoverage Insurance has many similar coverages just like the above companies but they have some different policies that benefit immigrants and visitors of the USA too. VisitorsCoverage has visitor insurance for United States visitors and international travelers grant health, accidents, and travel insurance protection for the USA; Most acceptable and beneficial visitor insurance, for the United States, visiting parents, relatives and business tourists to the USA on visitor/business B1 B2 Visa.


VisitorsCoverage also has health insurance for immigrants and green Card Insurance plans. You can pick from a diversity of brand-new immigrant insurance policies and green card health insurance programs suitable for senior citizens, individuals, parents and immigrants families who are not eligible for domestic or private US health insurance. Make sure to visit VisitorsCoverage Insurance site for more info.


SevenCorners Insurance

SevenCorners Insurance

SevenCorners has numerous plans to accommodate travelers leaving the United States and coming to the USA. Their travel medical insurance has up to $5 Million dollars of coverage for traveling outside of your home country. SevenCorners visitor and migrant Insurance is affordable medical protection for visiting or immigrating to the United States.

With their trip protection insurance plan, you have protection for trip cost, medical expenses, and your belongings. Lastly, they have student travel insurance that’s specially designed plans for students, scholars traveling abroad and faculty. To learn more about their plans click here.


World Nomads Insurance

World Nomads Insurance

This is another great top travel medical insurance company that has some amazing coverages. Their coverages consist of emergency overseas medical and dental expenses. Additionally, they have trip cancellation or interruption, 24-Hour Assistance Services, baggage and emergency medical evacuation & repatriation plus more.

World Nomads covers over 150 activities your love to do such as scuba diving, mountain biking, surfing, bungee jumping, and skiing. What I like about this top travel insurance company is that World Nomads has been designed by travelers for travelers, to cover your trip essentials. Check them out here.


Travel Guard

Travel Guard

Travel Guard is a preeminent travel insurance policy supplier. They specialize in rendering advanced travel insurance, aid and emergency travel assistance policies for millions of tourists and thousands of businesses around the world. Their industry-leading, universal travel insurance policies are administered by more than 12,000 travel organizations through practically every distribution channel in the travel industry.

Travel Guard travel insurance plans, beginning at $30, include trip delay, medical expenses, baggage loss, per-trip and annual plans, coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, and more! They also provide 24/7-customer service with a personal touch. You can visit their website right here.


It’s a Wrap

If you’re looking to go on a worldwide travel trip or a simple travel gateway then take heed to my personal story above. I refuse to plan another vacay without purchasing travel insurance. We all know that life is unpredictable and anything can take place while traveling.

I rather be safe than sorry, so do your diligence and research the above top travel insurance companies and make your decision. Make sure to read my the top travel agencies and tips for Universal Studios Orlando articles. I hope you enjoyed this article and do you have any horrific traveling stories that you would like to share?

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