Discover What’s the Best Gateway Travel Agency In 2018?

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If you’re in the market for cheap charter flights or worldwide travel bookings then this is your article. What’s your favorite gateway travel agency? I usually buy my cheap charter flights from Orbitz or Expedia. I discovered that they’re many different gateway travel agencies other than Booking.com, Orbitz or Expedia.

My family and I aren’t travel pros but we do love a great deal when booking our trips. Sometimes big companies like Booking.com, Orbitz or Expedia don’t always have the best deals every time. Sometimes it is the little guys who triumph over the big corporations. I conducted research and accumulated a list of gateway travel agencies below to help you save money.


Save Money with These 10 Travel Agency Companies



agency travel

 Tours4Fun check thousands of prices every day to make certain you pay insanely cheap prices when you book with them. They assured you won’t discover their products anywhere lower but if you do, they’ll grant you the difference.

That’s their Price Guarantee and it’s just one of the ways Tours4Fun assist you to locate the ideal products for you.

They have 24-hour assistance to combat any issues that may arise. They also grant free cancellation which is a plus. Cancellations made within 7-15 Days Prior to Departure Date can receive 50% of total purchase amount can be refunded.

Cancellations made within 16-24 Days Prior to Departure Date can receive 75% of total purchase amount can be refunded. Lastly, Cancellations made within 25 or more Days Prior to Departure Date can receive 100% of total purchase amount can be returned. Click here to visit their site.


Expert Flyer

gateway travel agency

This company is a little different than the other travel agencies. ExpertFlyer.com was invented to satisfy the demands of the airline mileage program “elite tier” passengers, professional travel managers, everyday flyer, and the random air traveler seeking for the best rates.

Expert Flyer was formulated and produced by a diverse team to deliver a 24/7 real-time robust air travel information service.

They don’t sell tickets. They give you the genuine information so you can buy your tickets anywhere, online or off. With their new Seat Alerts feature, you can be informed when the exact seat you need becomes available! Click for more details.


Best Single Travel

worldwide travel

This travel agency is all about singles travel tours at reasonable prices. For example, Best Single Travel has a Cuba Explorer – Luxury Small Ship Cruise that’s 10 Days / 3 Historic Ports from Miami. They’re going between Feb 11 – Feb 20, 2019, it cost $4275.49 between two people to attend.

And with a $600 deposit for their basic package. This trip seems interesting and I’m thinking about attending myself. You can purchase tours to Asia, South America even Mexico and more.

They have a program called Singles Cruise Match Program which they will provide you a roommate to pay half if you don’t’ have someone coming with you on your vaycay.

Make sure to check them out because they may have a destination that you always wanted visit.



travel pros

Travofy is similar to Booking.com, Orbitz or Expedia. This travel agency is here to accommodate you with the best hotel within your budget. With just one click on Travofy, you can discover your ideal hotel at the best price.

Booking a hotel is very straightforward, you can easily enter your destination and your anticipated travel dates, and let their site retrieve the best results for you where you can match your accommodation rates.

Tell them your destination and give them the trust to present you with a vacay that you have been wishing for with the best hotels with the best packages. They strive to render a broad range of best rate hotels with leading-edge technology and a committed 24×7 customer assistance team. Click through to for more details.


Last Minute Travel

premier trave

This gateway travel agency is similar to Expedia too. Founded in 1996, Last Minute Travel was the first site assisting today’s time-starved traveler and developed to be one of the most transferred online marketplaces for people to uncover and to book the ultimate vacay.

This travel agency delivers the most comprehensive and accurate travel search, offering vacation homes, hotels, vacation homes, commercial flights and charter flights, rental cars, cruises, vacation packages and trip activities to make your travel planning as swift as possible.

They also have a Last Minute Travel Club which you pay $50 per year for the membership. The benefits of becoming a club member are that you will have exclusive, no strings attached entrance to member-only reductions, savings of up to 65% on hotel bookings. Don’t forget to visit their site right here.



cheap charter flights

CheapAir is like Booking.com and they’ve developed an exclusive airfare shopping engine that scrubs the internet for the cheapest rates and displays you all the selections in an easy, and straightforward to navigate.

They’ll also show you which flights have which in-flight amenities, and which have additional fees so you can make sure you are equating apples to apples. What I love about CheapAir is that if fares drop after you purchase, we’ll credit you back the difference. Check them out.



Travel Agency

This gateway travel agency has similar features such as Airbnb. Through HomeAway, owners and property managers offer a thorough range of vacation homes that accommodate travelers with exceptional benefits and experiences, including more room to relax and added privacy, often for less than the cost of conventional hotel lodging.

The company also makes it clear for vacation rental owners and property administrators to advertise their properties and manage bookings online. Click here to visit their website.


Park ‘N Fly

cheap charter flights

Park ‘N Fly is not a travel agency but it’s a mobile app that saves you time and convenience when it comes to parking at an airport. Tourists often have to hunt for parking, drag their baggage for miles within a darkened parking lot and pay high fees for the convenience. Well at Park ‘N Fly, they give more than just parking with their exceptional service and comfort.

They pick you up at your car in 5 minutes or less and drop you off directly at your terminal. It’s a lot more for a lot less, with no walking and no annoyance. In addition, several of their parking lots presents unique services like pet boarding, oil changes, car washes, and much more.  Many of Park ‘N Fly parking lots offer large parking spaces permitting consumers to have a little extra room when parking.  Visit their site!



premier travel

This gateway travel agency hosts bus tours that have five different routes across NYC: Night Tour, Brooklyn Tour, Bronx Tour, Downtown Tour, and Uptown Tour. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen their double-decker buses on tv or the internet because they have become an easily familiar sight on the streets of New York City.

Every year they present over half a million customers the best tour available in NYC! They have different sightseeing packages from their Classic NYC Pass 24 Hrs. to their All City Pass 5 Days. Their prices are very inexpensive too and click here to check them out.



travel agency

CityPASS is similar to TopViewNyc but better because they have more destinations. CityPASS is an easy method to vacation in the United States most famous destinations.

CityPASS tickets include admittance to the most well-known and beloved attractions in each city and are appraised up to 50% less than the combined regular rate of charges.

They offer the savings and leisure of CityPASS tickets to Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa Bay, Atlanta, and Boston. Click here to check them out.


It’s a Wrap

I hope you found this article insightful and helpful. We don’t always have to buy our cheap charter flights or premier travel destinations always from Orbitz or Booking.com. They are many small businesses who have been around longer than some of these big websites.

Or even new startups because I love putting money in organizations pockets who I feel like I would get a better booking experience. Sometimes I don’t want to feel like I’m just some confirmation number in my email. I just want to talk to a nice genuine person sometimes on the phone.

I rather put money in small business versus big corporations any day. Make sure to read my travel insurance and tips for Universal Studios Orlando articles. Do you like to put money back into small business? Do you have a getaway travel agency you use frequently and would like to share it?

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