Why Do So-Called Travel Pros or Travel Experts Hate on Spirit Airlines?

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I and even travel pros can understand that airlines can make mistakes and even be intentionally sometimes. But I notice on blogs, YouTube, and in forums, people do not like Spirit Airlines. I’ve seen comments such as Spirit Airlines is ghetto or cheap. Yes, Spirit Airlines is a small airline but it’s far from being cheap, ghetto or having bad customer service.

My family and I experience with Spirit Airlines have been amazing when we visited Orlando FL, and make sure to read the article written about that here. This article was transpired from that article. When we first booked our tickets through their website, I notice how user-friendly it is. Coming from an Internet Marketer and a consumer viewpoint their website is straightforward. And I didn’t have any problems booking our tickets.

More frequently it seems to me that the other airlines are constantly getting sued for outrages claims such as a family getting kicked off from an overbooked Delta flight. And they were threatened with jail time because they didn’t want to give up their baby seat. Then they even threatened that their kids will be in foster care.

Plus, they were forced to have to buy tickets for another flight. I know I wasn’t there but after watching the video of this story, my blood was boiling. I’m like this doesn’t make any sense to me. If the parents purchased the tickets then those seats are theirs. It’s not their fault that Delta overbooked that flight.

Furthermore, did you guys hear about the story about a pregnant 46-year-old woman getting dragged off a Southwest Airlines flight for saying she was worried about having an allergic reaction from pets being on the flight? I know I wasn’t there at this situation too but I think Delta could’ve handled this situation differently.

If I was the owner of one these airlines I would compensate my consumers with a free hotel stays, free airline tickets, and reimbursement of their tickets to keep the flights on time. That’s good customer service to me but they rather get sued and risk losing millions of dollars for something that could’ve been resolved.


Go travel And Book Your Cheap Charter Flights Through Spirit Airlines


cheap charter flights


I know that the travel pros and travel experts don’t want you to book airline tickets with Spirit Airlines but you should. For our trip to Orlando, FL our departure plane was in Cleveland, oh and everything went smoothly. At the airport, we had a situation that arose because one of our personal carry-on dimensions was too big and the Spirit Airlines employee notices this.

But since our carry-on had soft sides they said that it was ok and let us get bring it on. I heard there may be some Spirit Airlines baggage fees coupons floating around the internet. If I found any I will be updating this article to list the websites.

When it was time to return to come back home, one of the Spirit Airlines employees at Orlando’s airport seen that we were struggling with all the kids and luggage. So, he took it upon himself to allow us to skip the lines because we had our hands full. This was another amazing example of good customer service.

I forgot to mention that all the flight attendants were super nice and helpful. The captains were nice and friendly too and plus, they’ve flown the planes effortlessly. To top everything off, our tickets were only $100 each round trip for the four us.


Indie Nikole And I Want to Become Travel Pros And Travel Bloggers


travel bloggers

Travel bloggers have some of the best blogs on the internet. They visit the most beautiful destinations in the world while eating some of the best food. I always wanted to vlog but right now with our current situation it’s kind of a long shot but eventually, we will be able to sometime in the future. Since this blog is a lifestyle blog it would be perfect to do so. And with each destination we settle on, we will choose Spirit Airlines as our go-to airline.


Wrapping This Up…

I know Spirit Airlines is not perfect and they do have their share of unhappy customers, but my experience overall with them was nothing but remarkable. Here at Indie Nikole, we are far from travel experts or travel pros but we do know that Spirit Airlines employees treat their customers well from our experiences.

If you haven’t read my articles on Not Travel Pros but We Have Tips for Universal Studios Orlando, Priceless Info On Why You Need Travel Medical Insurance and What’s the Best Gateway Travel Agency In 2018? then make sure you do. If you had a bad experience with Spirit Airlines share it with us. Would you give them another chance? If not what is your favorite airline?

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