Understanding Eyelashes Extensions and False Eyelashes! Which type is best for you?

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If you are a Glam girl like myself then you know we hold our eyelashes extensions close to our glitter covered hearts. With the era of Instagram, false eyelashes, most popular mink lashes and 3D lashes, eyelash extensions have become a beauty staple.

Even though false lashes have been around since the early 1900’s. In this post, I will be giving you the round down on some of the most popular types of lashes! There is a bonus at the end, I share how you can make a nice profit of this beauty trend.


The different types of eyelash extensions can be made from really affordable synthetic fibers all the way up to the super-luxe cashmere fibers.


Synthetic lashes are made up of the filament fiber PBT, a plastic man-made fiber. PBT or Ploy butylene terephthalate is the same kind of material used to make toothbrushes and synthetic makeup brushes. This acrylic like fiber is usually shiny/glossy and often times has a dramatic thick long lasting curl. 

This can make them look unnatural sometimes. Most synthetic lashes do not last as long as other types of eyelash extensions but that is expected because they are usually the least expensive out of all the different types of lashes. Inexpensive doesn’t mean bad though, the Eylure 126s are my go to if I wanna bring the drama on a budget.


Human hair lashes are a step up from syntectic lashes. It’s levels to the false eyelash game! This type of eyelash extension is made out of 100% human hair. Since these lashes are made up of human hair the lashes are thinner, lighter and a bit more delicate than synthetic lashes.

Human hair eyelashes extensions are usually handmade but still thicker than silk or mink lashes. My favorite human hair lashes are made by the brand Broadway.


Silk lashes are less popular than mink lashes but they are an option. Silk eyelashes extensions are made of a silk-based Ploy butylene terephthalate! I know right, it’s crazy how brands market things.

Silk lashes are not 100% silk at all but the construction of each individual fiber is much thinner and more natural looking than other types of lashes. They usually give off a glossy/satin gloss look depending on the brand.


Ok soooo, everybody and their mamas know about mink lashes! They have to be eyelashes extensions queen bee. They have been all over social media and popularized by many new up in coming lash boutiques for a few years now.

What a lot of people may not know is that minks lashes come in two varieties. Its also good to know that both of these lashes can be used up to 25 times.

Mink lashes are probably the most expensive type of lashes because they are made from 100% Siberian Mink tail fur. These lashes mimic our natural lashes incredibly well because of the light, whispy, uneven nature of the mink’s hair.

You can tell if you have the real deal if the lash burns like human hair. These lashes can be controversial to some, especially animal activist, so faux mink lashes might be the right chose for you.

Faux mink lashes are probably what you have been purchasing, even though quite a few brands market them as mink lashes. These lashes are a few steps above human hair lashes in price. Faux minks lashes are synthetic but they are made to imitate the soft fluttery look of real mink lashes.

Faux Mink lashes tend to be more on the matte side, depending on what brand you go with. Speaking of brands, you cannot mention mink or faux mink lashes without talking about Lilly Lashes, the gorgeous Miami lashes have been the faves of celebs for a while now.


Cashmere lashes are probably the least popular of these group of lashes. If you request cashmere lashes at your eyelashes extension appointment, you should expect to pay top dollar. Cashmere lash extensions are ultra lightweight and up to 70% thinner than mink lashes.

They also boast the ability to hold a curl much longer than silk or mink. Don’t let the bad and boujee name fool you though, these lashes are man-made too. Cashmere lashes can be added to any lash techs arsenal.


In the lash world, there are many different kinds of ways to enhance or extend your natural eyelashes. So I am going to go over a few for in this next part of this post.

eyelashes extension


STRIP LASHES are individual lashes (fibers) synthetic or not, gathered together and spread out over a lash band. Strip lashes are the number one fave for mua’s,  youtubers, and makeup novices. They can range from a couple dollars, all the way up to $35 or more per pair. Price depends on what kind of strip lashes and the brand you buy. This type of lashes is usually what beginners reach for. I grab a pair of Kiss lashes almost every time I go to the beauty supply store.

Kiss lash So Wispy used in the look

  •  Bandless Strip Lashes are pretty much the same as regular lashes except the lash band is clear instead, giving the lash a more seamless look. These are good for eye looks where you want to skip eyeliner.

CLUSTERS/INDIVIDUAL LASHES are a small cluster of about 7 single lashes. These can be found easily at a drugstore, beauty supply stores or online. They are meant to be used as short-term lash extensions. Individual/cluster lashes are an easy DIY. With some patience and some temporary lash glue, you can do this at home. These are not to be confused with 3D or Russian volume eyelash extensions. Cluster/individual lashes come in two different flare styles and each style comes in short, medium, or long lengths.

  •  Regular Flare are groups of lashes bound together by a small knot at the base. These type of lashes are applied to the base of the lash line and can be a bit heavy on the eye so be careful when removing. This type of is most commonly used to fill in gaps or add volume to the natural lash. 
  •  Knot-Free Flare are very similar to the regular flare style lashes but they do not have a knot at the base. The fact that they don’t have a noticeable knot at the base makes the application way more natural looking. 

With both of these types of lashes, you can mix and match different lengths to get your desired look.


3d volume lash

Some women don’t want the hassle of putting on and taking off strip lashes or they just can’t get the hang of applying them. Eyelash extension offers a more permanent solution to this problem.

Classic Eyelash Extensions are different from individual cluster lashes because one single eyelash extension is attached to one single natural eyelash. These type of eyelash extensions are semi-permanent and done by a professional. The lashes can very from Mink, Faux Mink, Silk or Cashmere. If you are riding the wave you probably are looking into getting mink eyelash extensions.

  • Faux Mink lashes start off bigger at the base and taper to a fine point in a smooth transition. Faux Mink lashes tend to hold a curl longer than silk but fall out faster, so fills may be needed sooner.
  • Silk lashes have a full base as well but it doesn’t taper up to a fine point as evenly. Silk lashes are said to be opposite to mink, they adhere to the (natural lash) longer but loses its curl faster. They a heavier than mink lashes too.
  • Fur Mink lashes would probably give the most natural look because no two pieces of fur is the same. The mink fur would mimic natural lash hair the best but again you would be putting animal fur on your eyeballs! The choice is yours.
  • Cashmere lashes claim to be top of the eyelash extension food chain. The lashes are supposed to be lighter and thinner than the others.

Now that you know what kind of lashes to choose, you need to figure out what curl and length are best for you and your style.

types of eyelashes extensions

3D or Russian Volume technique is what is popping right now in the lash extension community right now. It can add slight or crazy amounts of volume to a client’s lashes. It is great for filling in gaps on sparse lash line. The technician uses a cluster of multiple, ultrafine extensions and attaches that to one single natural lash. You can find 3D strip lashes too.

Two to nine lashes per natural lash give the “3D” effect. Be careful with this service because some people are passing off reg/knot-less flare lashes as the real deal. Hand-made fans are created at the time of the 3D service, not ahead of time.

 Hybrid lash sounds a little cray cray but it’s basically mixing both classic and 3D lashes to create the ultimate effortless whispy lash. This style can be spotted on Kim K and the Klan. 

The best part about eyelash extensions is they are totally customizable by blending different lash curls, lengths and techniques to get the perfect set of lashes. An experienced lash tech will be able to advise you on what style enhances your eye shape the most.



I was about to end it right there but I decided to throw this in there. The lash extension industry is booming, so many people are trying to get a piece of the pie. You should be licensed to perform eyelash extension services. Each state is different, so do your research. Some states require you to be a licensed cosmetologist, barber, esthetician, or medical professional. Others have no requirements or a lash training certificate must be obtained. Click here for valuable info on each state requirements.

I would strongly recommend going and getting the proper training if you want to venture into this field, you don’t want to be responsible for destroying someone’s eyesight or natural lashes. If you would like to practice there are a lot of eyelashes extension kits on Amazon that includes practice heads, this is a safer option.

If you are already a licensed professional in the cosmetic field, lash extension services could be a nice way to increase your clientele. You can also add lash lifting/perming and tinting services as well. Lash techs or artist can make really good money depending on your skill level. A full set of eyelashes extensions can range from $100- $400.

Fill-ins/re-touches can cost $25-$100. The average hourly rate for this position can be anywhere from $11/hr to $18. Lash techs have the option to work from home, a salon or spa. Eyelashes extensions service is very detailed and time-consuming so charging for your time and skill level should be taken into consideration. 



Once you have stepped over into the lash world, it’s hard to go back! Its something about a bomb pair of lashes, whether you choose strip lashes or you invest in a full set of eyelashes extensions, you can’t go wrong giving your eyes a glamorous boost!

#NOMORENAKEDEYES….LOL! I hope you enjoyed this ultimate eyelashes guide and learned something from this post, please feel free to comment your thoughts and experiences down below!

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