18 Best Wine Shops and Wine Subscription Boxes That Made My List In 2018

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We are in a new era of wine subscription boxes and clubs presently.  As the wine consumption is increasing and demand is on the rise, wine is becoming more popular. All wine shoppers must be happy for the variety of brands available for drinking.

What can be more exciting than customizing your delivery? Well, even the lowest brands have this offer. The best wines will be tailored to meet your taste and preferences. You will get a creative wine club list that will enable you to make the best decision-making.

The data covers the cost and value you expect to get on the wine list. Wine consumption comes with benefits and subscriptions. The world of wine has varieties of red, white, sparkling and rose wine thus deciding which to pick can be overwhelming.

Wine shops have been in existence, but with the latest wine subscription boxes, almost everyone is moving that direction. They have great information on the wine, cost, and educational content.

Some wine subscription boxes go out of their way to package the wine with complement products. The following is a list of the best wine subscription boxes to help you enjoy a glass of wine.

Best Wine Subscription Boxes And Clubs

Plonk Wine Club

wine subscriptions

Plonk Wine Club is not one of those where you expect to get cheap bulk wines. The organization will help you select and send the best bottle. They are great at choosing best-grown boutique and artisanal wines for you.

Price is 39.99 dollars for two bottles per month with free shipping. You just have to select two bottles, preferences and duration. The period helps the company know how to regulate your drinking and shipping.

Plonk will provide timely delivery as per your preferences. Advantages of this company are free shipping, customizable and biodynamic bottle wines. Click here to check them out.

California Wine Club

wine subscription

California Wine Club focuses on small family wineries. It has a customer wine referral and outstanding experience. California seems to be the best place for wine shopping, and shoppers have been waiting to offer international wines and subscriptions.

Membership starts at $39.99 per month plus shipping. The club has five membership options that feature two wines per month. Each wine has its preferences that include handcrafted wines to prestigious ones.

Its advantages are the ambassador referral program where you earn after inviting a friend. No hidden fees and you can cancel the application. Click here to check them out.

Wincwine subscription monthly

It is a refinery based in California with a premium membership subscription. Winc has a variety of canned and white wine. The company is considered the best and partners with other wineries beyond to craft unique wine offers.

Winc wine subscription is customized with a variety of boxes to choose from.  They run a summer promotion program called summer water club and the summer long-pool pick that aims at maintaining your happiness.

Free membership is offered, and wine starts from $13 a bottle. You fill a six-step list created for you to help in choosing the best wine bottle. After you enjoy that glass, you can rate during the next shipment. Click here to check them out.

Gold Medal Wine Club

wine subscriptions

Gold Medal Wine Club concentrates on small authentic wine and production is the heart of this organization.  The club has standards that wineries must meet to supply the company.

The organization has won several awards. If you are serious about a small production of wine, then this is the right place for you. The membership fee is $39, and you have six bottles to choose plus free shipping.

The benefit of choosing this club is you have a variety of choices comprising of luxury and collectible wines. No minimum orders, free shipping for six and more bottles, satisfaction guaranteed. Click here to check them out.

Wired For Wine

wine subscription

Wired For Wine has strict standards and testing procedures. They have a limited club membership because their production is partial.  The club has a waiting list for customer subscriptions because of their services popularity.

The company’s location is in Rutherford, New Jersey, and it is open full time for its members. They’ve been in business since 2009. The price is $169.97/quarter and once you subscribe, there are three variations of choices for shipment, and you will only receive best-rated bottles.

Wired For Wine offers subscribed individuals to dinners, events, and tastings. This company is suitable for those people who like unique services. Click here to check them out.

Cellars Wine Club

wine subscription monthly

Cellars Wine Club is based in Washington, D.C. and was invented in 1999 making it new to online clubs. They use the experience to provide quality services to their customers. If you are a lover of west coast wine, you should go shopping at this place.

The price is $29 for 1 bottle and 49 dollars for 2 bottles. It offers free shipping. There are fourteen club options to choose from and the premium club provides novice way up to connoisseurs featuring twelve bottles from known club bottles. Click here to check them out.

Wine Awesomeness

wine subscriptions

Here you will experience value and simplicity. You get fantastic wines with a unique guarantee of not curating the same box twice or get free wine for a year. It makes wine Awesomeness one of best wine shops. They send you wine information with full decision making and education bonus.

Price is $45 for three bottles with stylish box, and it is themed. You choose three red wines, white or sparkling ones. They have simplicity, low price guarantee, and free shipping experience.

Wine Down Box

wine subscription

It is a monthly subscription for shoppers who love cheese. The core value is relationships with clients. Monthly cheese, wine and charcuterie pair is offered at your doorstep. Wine Down Box price is currently at $49 per month with a decreased fee for longer subscriptions. You also try some food along with your preferred wine. Click here to check them out.


More Amazing Wine Subscriptions


Wine of the Month Club

wine subscription monthly

Wine of the Month Club pioneered the subscription of business long before the internet. You get to select monthly shipment through a blind tasting. Only one is chosen out for tasting as the rest you select one red and white wine.

The membership is $29 per month. Selection involves three bottles with a surplus of vintage wine and monthly newsletter. Click here to check them out.


wine subscriptions

GrapesWine is the best if you want a variety of wine. The company has a discovery club that delivers every three months with a multitude of choices.  Price is $69 every month and the main benefit is the money back guarantee. Click here to check them out.


wine subscription


Saucey focuses on shipping wine, beer, and even liquor to your front door. First, place an order on their app or website. If you are within our on-demand service area, their couriers then arrange the order and deliver it to you within an hour! Most shoppers get their order in about 30 minutes. Click here to check them out.

Bright Cellars

wine subscription

Bright Cellars offer excellent wine services with a referral program through which you earn bottle bonus. The club provides social networking which enables you to drink wine with friends. Their price is $60 for four bottles with free shipping.

They offer help in choosing by uploading a question form. All you do is fill, and the company will match your preference with the right wine. You are required to rate the shipping, and the services will be improved. Remember, there is no membership fee for only the referral system. Click here to check them out.

Tasting Room

wine subscription monthly

There focus is cost since they offer wine at a price all the shoppers can afford and the company is unique in that you taste the wine before subscribing to membership. Your profile is created on the taste and preferences, not just questions.

The price is $9.95 for tasting. You fill some questions for the company to supply your tasting step. Later, six bottles in a box used to generate the final profile are delivered to you.


wine subscription monthly

WineCrasher is unique since you get the best price for the wine without knowing what you are getting. It is designed in such a way that you get to know all the information about the wine without the bottles name.

The price is $49.9 per month for three bottles and has low shipping rate. Winecrasher provides quality value wine, auto-shipping, and low shipping rates. Click here to check them out.

GaryVee’s Monthly Wine Club

wine subscriptions

The price is $55 a month, but you get free shipping and you get between 1 to 4 bottles of hard to find wines at unbelievable prices depending on the month. Each shipment comes with wines that are at least 50% off the combined retail prices.

Ninety + Cellars

wine subscriptions

Ninety + Cellars costs only $50 for 3 bottles or $95 for 6 bottle and every three months, shipments of 90+ outstanding wines from the best wineries and vineyards are delivered to your door at amazing costs. You get the chance to choose between the mixed wine club, red wine club, and the throttle wine club. Click here to check them out.

Revel Wine

wine subscription

Revel Wine members save 15% or more on all wine purchases and receive complimentary shipping with purchase of 4 or more bottles. Pick the type and quantity of wine you desire and how frequently you want it shipped. Click here to check it out.

Wine Vip

wine subscription monthly

With Wine Vip, you can taste wines from all over the globe that’s delivered right to your door at only $59.95 per month + Free Shipping. As a Member, you receive 4 Quarterly Shipments: (Feb, May, Aug, Nov) Each shipment includes three bottles of wine direct to your door. There is no cost to join, and you can cancel at any time with no restrictions. Please give them a 30-day notice on cancellations. Click here to check them out.

Signing Off

There several wine subscription boxes and wine shops are offering extemporary services. With many varying in shipment payment, cost of subscription, technology implementation, and brands. The online wine subscription boxes and clubs services can drive shoppers from all dimensions. It is good to read and do a great homework on the best membership to enroll.

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